6 Dog Breeds That Bark A Lot

If you live in an apartment or a neighborhood where there aren’t many dogs and you want to add a dog to your family, you may want to consider which dog breeds bark a lot in order to avoid offending your neighbors.

While proper training can help to stop excessive barking in most dogs, it’s more of a challenge to train some dog breeds to stop barking than others. Some dogs just have a natural propensity to bark at anything that moves.

Here are the top dog breeds that bark a lot:

6 Dog Breeds That Bark A Lot


The Beagle is well known for its tendency to bark and bay, particularly if it spots a group of children on the other side of the fence. Beagles love children and tend to be very lively, playful dogs. It can be a challenge to keep them enclosed in a fence and even more of a challenge to keep them from barking excessively.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are very alert animals that will bark when almost anything changes in their environment, particularly when strangers approach their living area. Yorkies can be trained to stop their excessive barking, but it takes a lot of patience and reinforcement. Some Yorkies have even been known to bark incessantly while being walked on a leash.

Cairn Terrier

This breed of dog is always on the alert and will bark at the slightest provocation. They also tend to have a rather high pitched bark which some people find to be annoying, particularly the neighbors. This is another breed that will require extensive training and patience to curb their barking habit.

West Highland Terrier

Another member of the Terrier dog breed, this dog breed tends to be active and intelligent which gives them a tendency to bark out of boredom. They also tend to be dogs that enjoy digging and chasing which is not ideal if you live in a neighborhood full of cats. The key to stopping their excessive barking is to keep them occupied with stimulating and good training.


Chihuahuas tend to be a very sensitive and high strung breed that is suspicious of strangers. They are also quite quick to sound the alarm with a cacophony of loud barking which can drive your neighbors crazy after a short period of time. On the plus side, they do tend to be good watch dogs, but tend to take their job a bit too far.

Miniature Schnauzer

This breed is prone to both excessive barking and digging, although they do respond well to obedience training. They also have a natural distrust of strangers which can work to your advantage if the stranger happens to be a burglar. The trick is to help them discriminate who’s a real threat.

If you adopt one of these dog breeds that bark a lot, count on spending a bit more time training them to curb their barking habit. In most cases, with good training, you can make a model canine citizen out of them.

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