Dog Grooming And Care

Your dog’s grooming requirements will depend on what breed it is – some dogs need a lot more grooming than others. In particular, most of the long-haired breeds need a lot of maintenance.

Grooming your dog has many benefits apart from the obvious benefit of keeping your dog looking their best.

Regular brushing of your dog’s coat will release oils which promote healthy skin and hair. Plus, the daily groom gives you the chance to check for external parasites, and other potential problems like lumps or sores.

And one particular benefit that is often overlooked is that you get to build a bond with your dog. And at the same time, you establish yourself as the pack leader which is important when it comes to training your dog.

So regular grooming of your dog is a must, and it should form a part of your daily routine. The good news is that it takes less time than you might expect.

You can think of your dog grooming routine in terms of three intensity levels:

  • Daily: Brush down and remove any knots and burrs for your dog’s coat. Also check for external parasites.
  • Weekly: A more thorough groom which includes cleaning of your dog’s eyes, ears, teeth and nails.
  • Monthly: A thorough groom including bathing your dog. Or if you don’t have the time, or you simply prefer, take your dog to a professional groomer.

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